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  • SafeNet Inc HASP Key and SafeNet Inc Sentinel HL Key backup

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  • SafeNet Inc SuperPro/UltraPro Key backup

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  • SafeNet Inc Hardlock Key backup

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We deal with all brands of dongles and your solution is guaranteed for the following dongles :

  • SafeNet Inc USB Key
  • SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro
  • SafeNet Inc HASP Key
  • SafeNet Inc Sentinel HL Key
  • SafeNet Inc Hardlock Key
  • Aladdin HASP 3, HASP 4, HASP HL
  • Aladdin's HardLock FAST EYE
  • Rainbow Sentinel SuperPro Pro CPlus
  • Safe-Net Sentinel UltraPro

Recovering the dongle

If your dongle is lost, stolen or broken, we can make your software operable without having the dongle in hand. We have a large database of ready made solutions for many popular products, just ask us if we have the solution for your software. Click here to drop us a message. If we are not familiar with your particular application software then you'll need to send us the program. Immediate success is not guaranteed but we'll do our best to solve your problem. No charges are made until solution is done, tested by you and found 100% working.

E-mail us to to receive additional instructions if you're interested in having us make a software replacement of your lost/broken dongle or visit ORDER page to get more information about the principles of our work, or place an order on-line.

Dongle emulation for Safe-Net ( Rainbow ) Sentinel UltraPro, SuperPRO, PRO, Scribe and CPlus Hardware key.

Rainbow Technologies (recently bought by SafeNet) is world wide leader making popular anti-piracy deviced. SoftKey Solutions offers 100% software emulator for Rainbow Sentinel dongles.

Rainbow Sentinel dongle emulation

In most cases our technologies allow to make software copy of original Sentinel dongle without sending us your software. Please follow the detailed instruction at Sentinel Emulation step-by-step instruction page to read your dongle and send us the dump file. Then we will make trial version of Rainbow Technologies Sentinel dongle emulator for you.

Sentinel dongle emulator is designed for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP and 2003. Sentinel dongle emulator can support up to 5 different Sentinel dongles at the same time.

Visit our ORDER page to place an order on-line.

Dongle emulation for Aladdin HASP SRM, HASP HL, HASP 4 and Hardlock dongle

HASP and Hadrlock are a very popular hardware keys, made by Aladdin Knowledge Systems. We have studied it very well and even its mathematical functions are known to us. We developed the HASP dongle emulator to make hardkey based applications 100% compatible with our software emulation.

HASP dongle emulation Please visit HASP Emulation step-by-step instruction page for more details

Our HASP dongle emulator is completely integrated software that allows you to replace your HASP even without sending us your application. Please visit Removing HASP step-by-step page to get more informatio nabout HASP reading software! The HASP dongle emulator works with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP and 2003. HASP dongle emulator can emualte up to 5 different HASP dongles at the same time.

Visit ORDER page to place an order on-line.