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  • Aladdin HASP SRM / HL dongle backup
  • Sentinel SuperPro / UltraPro dongle backup
  • Aladdin Hardlock FAST E-Y-E dongle backup

Mar 2012:

  • After more than 10 years we change design.
  • We have collected more that 600 positive feedbacks in our GuestBook. Each of them is highly appreciated!
Feb 2012:
  • DongleBackup2012 PRO that is digitally signed for Windows x64 is released.
Jan 2012:
  • DongleBackup2012 is released. Now both HASP and Sentinel solutions are joint into one emulator.
Nov 2011:
  • HASPHL2012 based on new virtual USB emulation available for beta testing.
  • We accept direct PayPal transfer
Dec 2010:
  • We decided to stay with 2010 version because of their proper functionality.
Mar 2010:
  • New version of HASPHL2010 and SENTEMUL2010 are available for downloading.
Nov 2009:
Aug 2008:
  • We released Rainbow Sentinel dongle emulator for Windows XP and VISTA 64 bit
Sep 2008:
  • HASP HL dongle emulator for Windows XP and VISTA 64 bit is ready!
Aug 2008:
  • We released Rainbow Sentinel dongle emulator for Windows XP and VISTA 64 bit
Mar 2008:
Jan 2008:
  • New HASP Emulator HASP HL Edition with advanced dumping option and easy enveloper removing technology released.
Dec 2007:
  • SoftKey Solutions wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Nov 2007:
  • Hardlock dongle emulator now supports RUS protected applications;
Oct 2007:
  • HASP HL / Hardlock emulator version 2008 is released. All registered users can get free update upon request;
Apr 2007:
  • Aladdin HASP HL logger/dumper is released and available here;
Jan 2007:
  • Aladdin Hardlock FAST E-Y-E dumper is released and available here;
  • We offer invoices for corporate customers;
Sep 2006:
    There's a lot of cheaters on the web and we have some ideas how to protect yourself
  • Never pay in advance;
  • If you see chinese or any other unknown language, be very careful;
  • Don't use unknown dongle reading utilities, they can damage dongle content or contain trojan virus program;
  • Deal with us! We have a lot of positive testimonials!
Aug 2006:
  • We have collected a lot of References here;
  • HASP and Sentinel dongle emulators were updated;
Apr 2006:
  • New updated dongle emulator for Aladdin HASP HL dongle;
  • We deliver our products through private user area;
Mar 2006: