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DongleBackup2012 User manual

USB Dongle Backup and Recovery 2012

USB Dongle Backup and Recovery 2012 is new generation of dongle safety utility. This product emulates physical presence of hardware key by means of virtual USB controller emulation.

Dongle emulation allows a legitimate customer to avoid such threats like dongle theft or damage and to ensure the whole business against possible losses caused by dongle problems.

USB Dongle Backup and Recovery 2012 is an ideal solution for all Windows based operational systems. Easy, fast and secure emulation process makes it perfect choice for those people and companies who need 100% trustworthy solution.


  • Fully automated process, no special knowledge required;
  • 100% emulation of Safe-Net HASP, HASP 4, Hardlock, SuperPRO and UltraPro dongles;
  • Multiplatform solution that works with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8;
  • Digitally Signed kernel driver for Windows x64;
  • Generic emulation for HASP HL, HASP SRM dongles;
  • Simple GUI interface and command line options for batch operations;
  • VMWare and VirtualPC total compatibility;
  • All HASP family dongles supported : HASP, MemoHASP, NetHASP, TimeHASP;
  • All HASP HL dongles family supported, including HASP Max and HASP Max Time;
  • All Hardlock FAST EYE dongle family supported;
  • All Sentinel SuperPRO/UltraPRO dongle family supported;
  • Multiple dongles can be emulated simultaneously;
  • 100% safe dongle reading/dumping;
  • Encrypted dumps and data storage;
  • Control over the installations;

Dongle emulation process consists of two phases : dongle dumping and dongle emulation. Dumping part is not implemented in USB Dongle Backup and Recovery yet, however we are working on this. At the moment please follow the instruction for reading:

When dump is processed you are ready for dongle emulation.

Dongle emulation

As soon as dump file is sent to us we start working on its decoding and then make trial version of dongle emulator for you. We send you login and password to your user area account, where you can download DongleBackup2012 and Virtual Dongle Image file that has .DNG extension. This is a virtual copy of your dongle.

Download, open it and unpack DongleBackup2012.exe to your computer, it can be your desktop or download folder for example.

We strongly recommend downloading and saving Virtual Dongle Image (.DNG) file to the same folder. If you click your virtual dongle image link but downloading doesn't start, please try to click it using right mouse button and select "Save object as" option.

Then launch DongleBackup2012.exe.

DongleBackup2012 installs low level driver in your system, so it is required to have Administrators privileges, in other words make sure you have been logged in as administrator, before USB Dongle Backup and Recovery driver installation.

When driver is installed, please open "Emulator" tab and press "Start service" button. If service is started successfully you will see appropriate message and version information will appear in Status window.

When service is started please click "Load Dump" button and select your Virtual Dongle Image file that has .DNG extension. If you need to emulate more than one key, you need to load each file one by one to emulate the situation when all of your keys connected to computer simultaneously.

Then please open "Emulator" tab. If everything is ok you will see data in "License" window and ID of your key will appear in "Dongles" window. Dongle ID is different from the password you got while dumping your key, so do not worry about that.

If everyhting goes well, SafeNet dongle drivers for new devices will be installed. You can check Start/Control panel/System and Securty/System/Device Manager for installed USB Devices:

Now you are ready to start your software.

USB Dongle Backup and Recovery 2012 PRO

PRO Version is 100% twin of regular version but it has digital signature that guarantees its authenticity and allows simple and fast installation in Windows x64 environment.

PRO version requires special authorization code for every computer.

With any questions concerning PRO version please contact us

Emulation Tab

"Start Service" button starts Dongle Backup and Recovery driver. It is necessary to have it started whether you want to read your key or emulate your dongle with Virtual Dongle Image file.

"Restart Service" button restarts dongle emulator driver. This is helpful in case you made some changes, loaded new virtual dongle image for example, but dongle didn't appear in Control panel/System/Devices.

"Lock License" button is used for control over the distribution. If you don't want emulator to be copied to any other computer, you should install it from removable media like flash or delete virtual dongle image file that has .DNG extension after the installation. When service is started and .DNG file is loaded you should press "Lock License" button and license disappears. Then it will be impossible to copy emulator to different computer.

"Validate PRO Version" button is used for opening PRO Version validation dialog, where you can find Request code for PRO version and enter authorization code.

"License" window contains your license. You could enter new license code here and press "Update license" button but usually it is not required since .DNG file already contains License information.

"Licensed dongles" window contains information about ID of licensed keys. Those IDs are different from passwords you saw while dumping your hardware lock.

"Computer ID" - ID of your computer. Computer ID is required for control over the distribution using "Lock license" option.

"Load button" - opens up a dialog for virtual dongle image file selection. When dongle emulator is started please select appropriate .DNG file and all necessary data will be loaded. If you need to emulate number of dongles you should load all of those files one by one.

"Clean storage" button cleans internal data storage. It is designed to keep system clean and delete your virtual dongle image from emulator memory. You should use this button when you want to turn your emulator into the dumper.

Another purpose, for example, when you are switching between virtual dongle images for one software, you should use this button before loading new dongle configuration.

Driver tab

When USB Dongle Backup and Recovery 2012 driver is not installed, you initially see this tab. When driver is installed, DongleBackup2012 opens up with "Emulator" tab.

"Install driver" button installs driver within your system.

"Reinstall driver" button replace just a driver file within your system folder in case you upgrade emulator to the latest version. When driver files is replaced it is required to "Stop" and "Start" service to work with updated version.

"Uninstall driver" button uninstalls driver from your system. When it is pressed it is highly recommended to reboot the computer.

Driver startup options.

If you want Dongle emulator driver was loaded automatically please Select Automatic start option and press "Save state" button, if you want to load driver manually, select "Manual start" and also press" Save state" button.

Dumper tab

Is not implemented yet.

Command line options

Command line options are useful when you want USB Dongle Backup and Recovery 2012 emulator to perform some actions automatically.

There are following options available:

Install - installs driver

Uninstall - uninstalls driver

Stealth - installs driver in Stealth mode

Start - starts driver

Stop - stops driver

Auto - make driver loadign automatically

Manual - makes driver loaded manually

Clean - cleans storage

Load [FILE] - loads virtual dongle image file that has .DNG extension

Lock - locks the emulator on target computer

You can created command batch file using note pad and save it in the same folder containing both HASPHL2010 and virtual dongle image file that has .DNG extension.

There are common cases when command line options are useful. 1) Your computer cleans up all the recent system changes so you load everything from the start manually. Please create following DNG file and put to StartUp folder so automatic loading will be performed each time you start your system

DongleBackup2012.exe install
DongleBackup2012.exe start
DongleBackup2012.exe load 51FE87CA.dng

2) Your computer doesn't start just a driver. Then you install emulator, start it load DNG file using HASPHL2008 user interface but put following CMD file to startup folder.

DongleBackup2012.exe start

3) You made removable media and want to install emulator on target computers and lock them. Please create following CMD file and put it to your removable media as well.

DongleBackup2012.exe install
DongleBackup2012.exe start
DongleBackup2012.exe automatic
DongleBackup2012.exe load 51FE87CA.dng
DongleBackup2012.exe lock

Windows 7 x64 and Windows Vista x64 driver signature problem.

Vista x64 and Windows 7 x64 requires special driver signature.

You can used F8 on bootup and then selected to disable check for signed drivers or enable test signature using Driver Signature Enforcement Overrrider utility. All you need is to disable User Access Control (UAC) in your Control Panel, reboot the computer, then start Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider, select "Enable Test mode" option, then reboot your system again. Then Dongle emulator driver will be ready for running in your Windows x64 environment.

Here is the link to Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider:

Signed PRO version of dongle emulator for Windows x64

You can use USB Dongle Backup and Recovery PRO that is 100% twin of regular version but its driver is signed and it can be loaded without any kind of additional efforts.

USB Dongle Backup and Recovery Troubleshooting

If your software doesn't start let's do short troubleshooting cause it seems something was wrong during the installation.

If solution doesn't work again

Please open Start/Control Panel/System and Security/System/Device Manager and check for SafeNet devices

    Following devices may appear in Device Manager/USB Devices
  • SafeNet Inc. USB Key;
  • SafeNet USB SuperPRO/UltraPRO;
  • SafeNet Inc. HASP Key;
  • SafeNet Inc. Hardlock Key;
  • SafeNet Inc. Sentinel HL Key;

If you see any of SafeNet devices, but software doesn't start, make sure emulator driver is started, open Dumper tab, select "File debug output" option, and start your software.

Then send us c:\usbdbr2012.log file and we'll do our best to find and fix the problem!