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A dongle (hardware key) is a small electronic device intended to limit the use of software.

Dongles are widely used for protecting expensive applications because they are the most reliable way to protect software against piracy and limit the number of 'seats' or users. But hardware locks can bring many problems to the end user. Applications run much slower when they're working with a hardware key, especially when the hardware key is connected to a distant computer over a network. There are numerous cases when dongles are stolen or lost. This danger increases for those who use their applications on a notebook computer. Leaving dongle on the computer in the office is also not safe.

Just imagine what would happen if your dongle was broken, lost or stolen: Cost of replacement (by the way, have you ever inquired about the possibility of dongle replacement?), Lost time and productivity. We suggest that you insure your software that uses dongle protection but how much time will it take to investigate the theft before your insurance company pays you for your loss? What about all the lost time just waiting around for the replacement key. What would the actual cost be, in loss of use, if you couldn't use your protected application for a week, or a month, or more?!

If you're afraid of losing your dongle (and you should be) you may want to consider a software replacement of your hardware key. We call it a 'dongle emulator'. Our dongle emulator allows you to run your software without the dongle connected to your computer. Our products don't make any changes to your applications, therefore the use of that software is legal under your current license, with or without the dongle attached.

One more important thing - before purchasing something from us, you'll have the ability to test it, on your computer, in your working environment. We sell only 100% working solutions. You'll have the opportunity to be positively sure that your application is working fine before paying for your dongle emulator.