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  • HASP Dongle Backup

    Aladdin HASP 4, HASP HL and HASP SRM dongles backup. Step-by-step instruction.

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  • Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro Backup

    Rainbow Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPRO dongles backup. Step-by-step instruction.

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  • Aladdin Hardlock FAST E-Y-E

    Aladdin Hardlock FAST E-Y-E dongles backup. Step-by-step instruction.

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We offer 100% software copies of original dongles as a legal and reliable way to protect your expensive software investments!

How can we help you?
-Your dilemma is that you use your software outside the office or between a few computers so you have to switch your dongle between computer in or out of your office.
-Do you believe it is fair that you've purchased a software and cannot work with it whenever you want? Many people have lost their dongles while in transit from one place to another. Try to ask your software reseller to replace the lost key! Ninety-five percent of the time, you'll be told that you have to pay for another copy! Furthermore, when the key is no longer available is it more expensive to make a dongle replacement and sometimes even impossible. Order the dongle backup as soon as possible - it's cheaper to make the software copy of the working key than replace dongle when it is lost!

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Our company specializes in producing software replacements (dongle emulator) for hardware keys (dongles). If you're the owner of software protected by a dongle, you may face significant problems and expense by relying solely on a hardware key.

  • Dongles get stolen (computer crime reports show that dongle thefts are on the increase)
  • Dongles restrict flexibility (i.e. roaming profile office)
  • Dongles break (the most common breakdown is pin plug failure due to misaligned insertion of the key)

Dongle problems such as those mentioned above can lead to significant interruptions in your use of protected software. Software distributors don't usually respond to a dongle problem quickly unless, of course, you place another order for additional software or are willing to pay for additional licences. You could solve your problem in court, but imagine how long that would take! An additional solution is to insure your dongle but that would not cover you from loss-of-access to your protected software.

Dongle emulator

Prevent loss of use by having on hand a software replacement for your hardware key. This software gives you 100% replacement of your dongle. Software replacement of your hardware key or dongle emulation allows you to keep your dongle in a safe place, and run your application without it.

Additional benefits that come with using the dongle emulator instead of hardware key:

  • No more worries about your dongle being stolen.
  • Applications run much faster.
  • Your application starts every time you run it.
  • No need to take the dongle from the office when you want to work at home.
  • You can install the software on any number of computers.
  • Your dongle won't interfere with access to the printer/plotter.

The reasonable price of a dongle emulator makes it an ideal solution for software owners who want to protect themselves against dongle problems.

Soft-Key Solutions offers free trial version of dongle emulator.
Try before you buy is our main rule. It makes dealing with us easy and gives you guarantee of a 100% working emulation. The use of our products is completely legal. Emulators do not alter your software as they are an additional, stand alone programs that you install, on your workstation, that having no effect on your existing data.

Soft-Key Solutions guarantees your privacy and promises that any information received from you will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, and will not be distributed or forwarded in any form under any circumstances.